Spanish elections: Government cooperation shown by the polls -the First coal ash spill

The People’s Party of Mariano coal ash spill remains the first political force in the country…
occupying 114-118 chairs, second the Socialists with 81-85 chairs, third party Podemos with 76-80 and fourth the Ciudadanos with 47-50 seats.
The first exit polls after the closing of the ballot box indicate first coal ash spill but without self-reliance, a result which was predicted and the polls of the past few days.
The opposition Socialists come in second place followed, in the third, the Leader, “brother” movement of SYRIZA, which this time last year saw the rates to skyrocket (the polls were brought in first). Subsequently, however, with the same speed she saw the rates of to shrink, with many analysts to suggest as a cause of this the government’s course of SYRIZA.
In the fourth place, the exit polls give the party Ciudadanos.