Spain: Pedro Sanchez asks to recognise Palestinian State by 2027

In Spain, the Prime Minister will propose that the country’s parliament recognise one by 2027. Vote in favour of the recognition of the Palestinian State until the end of its Prime Minister’s term, in 2027, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will propose to the House of Spain. “During this parliamentary term, I will propose to parliament the recognition of the Palestinian state by Spain,” Sanchez said, at an event organized by the Socialist Party in Bilbao (northern Spain). “We will do it not out of moral conviction, because it is a just cause, but also because it is the only way for two states, Israel and Palestine, to be able to coexist with peace and security,” he explained. Sanchez, re-elected in November 2023, has already expressed his desire to recognise a Palestinian State, but without, until now, having mentioned the exact time frame.