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SOS: mobile phones cause CANCER? What did the experiments on mice?

A great research of scientists of the american government, which was done in rats and…
mice, provides evidence -based on preliminary data – that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones and other wireless devices, increases the risk for cancer in the brain and the heart.
It is the largest study to date on the influence of the radiation of radio frequencies (RF) in experimental animals, and aroused a furor in the united states.
According to the “New York Times”, “Science” and “Scientific American”, immediately after the investigation rose up of scientific reactions during the study, with various objections, such as that researchers have been quick to give preliminary data published, without even their study has been published in a scientific journal, and has thus passed the “suffering” of the assessment by other scientists.
The controversial and costly study, at a cost of 25 million. dollar, which is expected to rekindle the relevant scientific dispute, was made by researchers of the federal National Program of Toxicology (NTP), which is overseen by the ministry of Health of the united states.
The study in animals finds -over time – increases in the incidence of cancer, despite the low levels of radiation radio frequencies (RF). So the researchers themselves, as well as other scientists, have pointed out the need to make further investigations.
Strangely elevated rates of cancer were found only in male rats, while the amount of time the animals have been exposed to radiation (a few fetuses even), is probably much greater than the exposure of human beings to their devices.
I pointed out a clear biological mechanism that explains the increased risk, if and found increased DNA damage in the experimental animals. It also remains doubtful whether a study in rodents applies equally to people.
The researchers, who made the relevant preliminary publication on the intersections, we exposed rats for nine hours every day, and for two years in non-ionising radiation (RF 900 megahertz), which corresponds to a frequent use of mobile phones. The males -but not females – animals showed two rare types of tumors: glioma in the brain (2% to 3% of the test animals), and volumes of cells Schwan of the heart (6% to 7%).
This is the first time appear such tumors in studies on laboratory animals and the incidence of tumors seemed to depend on the dose of radiation (i.e. frequency of use). In addition, none of our test subjects of the control group, who had not been exposed to this radiation, did not show any tumors.
The National Toxicology Program stated that the findings of the research is still preliminary, that are examined by other specialists and that the full findings will be published within the year 2017.
Scientists of the National Institutes of Health of the united states expressed reservations about the methodology of the experiment, the sample size, the differences in the findings compared with earlier studies, as well as for the fact that the irradiated male rats with tumors lived longer compared with those animals that had not been exposed to radiation etc.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified since 2011, the RF radiation on the potential carcinogenic sources for the people. But, so far, epidemiological studies in humans have not resulted in a definitive conclusion, displaying a lack of consistency between them. However, tumors such as glioma have been associated probably with the rf radiation in some studies in humans, but not animals.
Referring to the new study, the science of biostatistics Christopher Πόρτιερ, former head of the National Program of Toxicology, did not appear reassuring: “The new study really concerns me – and I’m an expert. This is not just a correlation, but a causal relationship. Checked everything, in this study, and showed cancer due to the exposure to the radiation,” he said.
In any case, according to experts, the mobile users would do well to keep the device as far away as possible from the head and body when they talk.

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