Sophia Pavlidou: My children experienced that there is deep love with Christos and that nothing really changes.

‘ She was 14 years old then, so it was a change” explains, at the same time, the . For the decision to break up with her ex-husband, Christos Ferentino and their children’s reaction spoke, among others, Sophia Pavlidou when she met Jenny Theona on Sunday afternoon on the set of the “Mom-Sees” show at ERT. “When the relationship with Christos was completed, I thought my children would be fine. This. That’s for you to be better and, once you’re better, your kids will be better. No way, that’s a rule.” “But I had faith in it because in the fine relationship we had grown with the children, with the absolute respect and understanding of the other’s desires, we did nothing more than tell them that we, at this stage, made this decision” the beautiful actress confessed to. “All right, he was 14 years old then the children so it was a change. But then, seeing the nice relationship we had and our deep love, the psychologist asked my son and told her that “I have nothing to do with divorce because my parents are fine.” Then, after they too experienced that there is a deep love here and it really does not change anything, everything went perfectly” Sophia Pavlidou also completed in her new interview on public television.

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