Sophia Farazi: “I didn’t enjoy success even when I did”

The actress, speaking to her, referred to her great absence from television, negative messages and difficulties in the theatre she has faced but also the carefree era of In an interview with presenter Danai Barka, Sofia Farazi explained what led her to retire for a long time from television, even after the huge success of the television series “ has been around 15 years. It was a very different time, more carefree. You were out of school and you had a good time getting into the professional track doing things. Now the kids are struggling to see if they’ll have any diplomas. There was no Internet, very important. You did a job and you went out and they stopped you from talking about it. Now, anyone can send you a message, and the worst part, they can curse you with a message. I was only sad once with a message. I was actually curious, I was texted by a girl who was recording a fan of the series and saying, “I say, Farazi, I want her to die, to see her dead”” the actress also said about the negative messages she receives at times. After the interview he said: “The success I did not enjoy when I did, nor did I receive it afterwards. I’m locked in the house. I wanted to have a baby, I didn’t want to be gone for many hours, I wasn’t interested in doing TV again at the time. I was in theatre, I was covered, I did the art I love.” “I’ve had a bad time in the theater too. I haven’t left a show, now I’m leaving. Then I was little and scared, I was afraid that they would close all the doors to me,” Sofia Farazi revealed.

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