Some people at the funeral of actress Tetis Schinakis, present Bibilas and Prekas

Heavy climate in the cemetery Byron, today Wednesday, March 6, 2023, in the great Tetis Schinaki who died the other day, Monday at the age of 68, after the battle with cancer. Relatives and friends gave the present at the funeral to say one last goodbye to the beloved actress. Among them the brother of the actress, Michalis Schinakis, Spyros Bibilas, Kostas Prekas, Zacharias Rojas and George George. The friend of the actress, Anna Fonsou, was unable to give the “present”, as she is in Thessaloniki due to professional obligations. Teti Schinaki was loved through her participations in films and theatrical performances in the 1980s. He had taken part in the films: “Come and try”, “You cat and I”, “Nude scandals”, “The cruise of love” and “Hunting love”. “You left my beloved…. I came today from Thessaloniki to see you but I didn’t make it… maybe we will find ourselves in another world… away from sorrows and indifference… Goodbye my modest friend…I love you…”. This was the touching message of actress Anna Fonsos to her friend, through her posting on the “Home of the Actor” account on Facebook. Anna Fonsou revealed in the show “Morning”, that Teti Schinakis was struggling with cancer disease in the last year and a half, while in the previous days she was hospitalized in Salvation hospital and weighed 29 kg. The actress, crying, said: “I had called her yesterday and told her I was going today. I couldn’t see her, she died two hours ago. She was an excellent actress, she wasn’t just on videos, she had worked in theatre, she was also a theatre actress. She was a very beautiful woman, this is second, in front of talent her acting and dignity.” She also added: “No one knew about her illness, she didn’t want to know. We were close to her, with the “House of Actress”. Finally she said the actress was moved from the hospital to her home where she died.

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