Sofia Hatzipanteli picked up her shirt and showed her blouse on the train

Variously she comments on her move to lift her shirt and show her chest, making story on Instagram. The well-known model traveled by train for an event by Jean Paul Gotier. At one time of the trip, Sophia Hatzipanteli rose from her position, stood in front of a glass and laughing she lifted her shirt to show the chest. Her friend recorded the screenshot on video, uploading it to Instagram, with Sophia Hatzipanelli reposting it. To avoid showing her chest on the video, Sophia Hatzipanteli covered it with two emoji fire and commented: “I’ll be kicked off this train”. From other stories that the former GNTM judge has uploaded to Instagram, it appears to be in a bunk bed with her friends and therefore probably her move was not made in front of other passengers.