Sodom and Gommore in a Monastery of Cyprus: Monk sex, safe with €800,000 and fake myrrh

Its church is founded by an incredible economic and broke out in the Holy Monastery of Osios Habakkuk, in the Wing of Nicosia. According to Cypriot, the menu of the economic and pink scandal includes from follow-up and video recordings of believers to sexual acts of monks. In the frame of the investigations, a safe which contains about €800,000, two apartments in Piraeus and Limassol, allegedly belonging to two members of the monastery. It is considered whether the money comes from offerings of the faithful, who contributed from their lag to the Monastery. In the microscope comes the placing of artificial myrrh on a cross, flowing when believers came to worship, which referred to a miracle that attracted more and more believers. The whole case took dimensions when cameras recorded sexual acts between two monks. The cameras were allegedly installed themselves by monitoring those who entered and those who went out to a monastery office as well as a room used as a bedroom. The data was such that, as the philenenews reports, the participants themselves asked to be removed, which will be done during tomorrow’s (00.03.2024) session of the Holy Synod. The decision is expected to be issued in summary procedures, unless members of the Holy Synod seek full information about what happened and blackened the image of the Church. It is noted that the Monastery, in addition to attracting thousands of believers, attracted members of the Holy Synod including Metropolitan Pafos Tychos and Metropolitan Morfus Neofytos. The monks, writes the Cypriot news media, have an apartment in Piraeus and one in Limassol and the question is where they found the money for their purchase. The scandal peaked about a month ago. Initially attempts were made to cover up, but without result. RO

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