So you experience the anxiety WITHOUT MEDICATION

    The modern pace of everyday life and the many problems…
    may accumulate in your thoughts (finances, health, family, love) are likely to cause a sharp increase in anxiety and stress, which have a large impact on your health.
    More and more people are turning to the solution of some medication to deal with the consequences of the increased stress in their lives. From the moment that this is the opinion of your doctor, clearly we have to follow it, and indeed, in a letter.
    However, there are some scientifically proven ways that will help you to reduce stress and to see the symptoms that accompany it to be removed.
    Chamomile: If you have a moment of irritation, then a tea, chamomile can help you calm down. Some compounds in chamomile (Matricaria recutita) have the property to cling to the same receptors in the brain, and certain medications to reduce anxiety.
    You can also get it as a supplement, which you’ll usually find on the market to contain 1.2 percent apigenin (an active ingredient), along with dried blossoms of chamomile.
    L-theanine (or green tea): they Say that Japanese buddhist monks can meditate for hours and to be in a state of simultaneous awareness and relaxation. One reason may relate to an amino acid found in the green tea that they drink daily, called L-theanine, according to the american Botanical Council.
    Research shows that L-theanine helps to stop the increased heart rate and reduces blood pressure, while in a few small studies in humans have proven that it reduces stress.
    Valerian: Some herbal supplements reduce anxiety without causing drowsiness (such as L-theanine), while others are sedatives. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) belongs clearly to the second category. This is an excellent herbal solution for the treatment of insomnia. Contains compounds with a calming action. The German government has approved valerian as an official treatment for sleep problems.
    Valerian has a very good smell, so most people take the capsule form instead of tea.
    Exercise: exercise is good for the brain and has been scientifically proved that is a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety, with both immediate and long-term action. If you exercise on a regular basis, you will have more self-esteem and you will feel more healthy in general.