So it will save your hair from split ends

Small beauty secrets to reduce and to avoid split ends…
Our hair suffers every day from the daily styling , the hair, exposure to the sun, with the result that wear out the edges and created split ends that makes hair look dull and scanty.
You don’t need to visit the hairdresser every now and then to avoid split ends!Follow our tips to reduce the broken ends and to avoid the appearance of split ends:
1.Hair dryer with… protection:
Never use your hair dryer, without have you used first in your hair product styling that works like a “shield” against the heat! Preferred a product that does not contain silicone or oils, to non-weighing down your hair.
2.Don’t touch the hair while it’s wet:
When the hair is wet, it is more and more sensitive. Make sure you don’t pull back, don’t wear it out more.
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3.The diet is everything:
To have shiny and healthy hair you must first of all be careful of your diet and the body from the inside. If you lack food, you are deprived of several valuable ingredients for the health of the hair. So your hair looks dull, weak and wear out more easily. Follow a balanced, mediterranean diet for you to be beautiful from the inside out.
4.Sun protection in winter:
As we need to take care of the sun protection of our skin in winter and summer, so we have to do with our hair. The hair and skin are composed of the same proteins and have the same needs! Invested in the purchase of a sunscreen in the form of a hair spray and use it on a daily basis throughout the year.