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So I εξοικονομίσετε a lot of money from the petrol

Can the last time the price of gasoline has stabilized, but this…
I don’t mean that I don’t spend all of our day to day a substantial amount to fill the car.
With the following tips you will see how you will manage to make savings on petrol and spend less money.
Reduce your outings don’t mean, of course, to come less from the house, but to combine your outputs so you can make 2 and 3 work by using a time the car. As you know, the car burns more gas in the first kilometers that makes the cold of the machine. So if you put it in a function in the slightest, you will burn a lot more gas.
Do not drive at peak hours If you have to drive during peak hours to go to work, then try to change a little bit your hours to you don’t get in a lot of traffic. If this is not possible try at least to don’t tap too much brake and throttle and steer better with a minimum speed.
Avoid driving in rush hours because the car burns more gas when it stops and starts at regular intervals.
Close the windows and the roof (if you blink) in the city you don’t have a problem, but out of town, and when you’re running at a higher speed the air coming in the car due to the open window, creates a problem in the aerodynamics of the car and so required a larger quantity of gasoline to move.
Avoid to have a roof rack Even if the rack is empty again for the same reasons, the aerodynamics of your car not working properly and required burning more gasoline. Put the roof rack only when needed.
The grill on the roof and the open windows ruin the aerodynamics of your car with the result that you spend more gas.
Don’t carry unnecessary weight, Like the body and the car to move it needs more effort when it is most heavy. This means that you need more fuel. So get the car of any unnecessary weight and leave only the necessary (we certainly don’t mean to throw out the wife!)
Move with the correct speed, The experts emphasize that the ideal speed for travelling 80 miles per hour, with a fifth or sixth speed. With this combination, you burn the least gas.
Don’t step on the throttle to avoid to change speed, it would be Good to not press too hard on the gas in order to don’t need to download speed. This way you consume much more petrol.
It is advisable to avoid the use of air conditioning because the car burns more gas.
Turn off the air conditioning, Unfortunately, the air conditioning consumes enough petrol, and that’s why it would be good not to use it unnecessarily. Of course, if you’re too warm or very cold, then it was worth it. You will pay more in petrol but at least you will make a pleasant journey.
Check your tyre pressure regularly As low tire pressure, the more gas it takes your car to move. The experts stress to spend 5 minutes every 15 days to check the pressure of your tires.