Smaragda Karydi: what famous actor had a relationship before the t. atheridis it?

With who well-known Greek actor revealed in an Interview with that he had a relationship three years? Read what he has revealed in an interview with the…
Interview in People magazine had bestowed the Smaragda Karidi and spoke to both the personal and professional life. The Smaragda Karidi talked to the reporter for all: for the wedding, the relationships, the men who passed through her life.
One aspect of her life Σμαράγδας Interview for which, until recently, had not spoken it is the relationship with Constantine Markoulakis, when still studying at the drama school of the National Theatre. Their relationship did not prevent the subsequent friendship that was created between them.
The Smaragda Karidi declares: “it Is you happen to remain in life my man, with whom we have been in a relationship. We need to advocate a lot of factors in this. I am referring to Constantine Markoulakis, with whom we were together in the school of the National and no longer is my brother. Three years in the relationship.