Skourletis: it’s Not coming from the mind of the lenders, the “small PPC”

The issue of admie s. a referred to the placement of in WITH of SYRIZA, the minister of Productive Reconstruction, Panos Skourletis, indicating that the …
relevant negotiation had started from August, while it was known that this time would have had to take certain decisions.
He mentioned that the government has managed to stay the admie s. a under public control, holding the majority in the management.
Mr. Skourletis pointed out that the issues with PPC “not resolved” and added features that I can’t stop thinking of them (the lenders), the “small PPC” and the privatisation.
In terms of the cutoffs of the supply of electricity to households, he said “some times other συνεννούμαστε with the Administration, and this makes other in practice, as, for example, with the 36 doses or with the non-stop ρευματοδότησης for debt under € 1,000”.
The minister did not rule out such practices to lead to conflict.
Mr. Skourletis stated, also, in the agreement to restart the comp and the IGP, in a symbolic, but indicative -as he said – the will of the government, reduction of the fee for Renewable Energy Sources in the accounts, and with that I agree all the actors in the market”.
For the trip to Moscow, said that marks the “multi-dimensional foreign policy, and pluralism in energy sources”.
Featured as an important administrative change that the Administration of DEPA, while he did reason and the difficulties facing the implementation of the government’s project, as well as deprived of support due to “a αδυνατισμένου Public, in which not missing, and the trends to undermine”.