Skopelos: Dramatic transfer of 13-year-old student allergic to Volos

The focus on the adventure of a 13-year-old student who was suffering from the drugs she was taking. The child was taken to a hospital in Volos… Skopelos expects the 13-year-old allergic student to return strong and strong. The child was taken at night to a Volos hospital, with doctors facing his condition. Mobilization was necessary and apparently the child will be able to leave soon, permanently behind the nightmare that lived at dawn. Next to him from the first moment, it was his parents who made sure valuable time was not wasted. A 13-year-old from Skopelos was transferred to Volos Hospital today. In particular, the 13-year-old seems to have had allergic symptoms due to the medication he was taking and his passage to Volos General Hospital was deemed necessary. According to, the transit took place at 02:00 in the morning on a private boat, while a crew of the EKAB picked up the young man to take him directly to Achilles, as he needed immediate hospital care.

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