Sissy Christidou for Lakis Lazopoulos: I don’t feel humor, I feel empathy, obsession

What Katerina Neos and George Liaga said in his last podcast commented on the show “Hamgela again”. Or talked about obsession and empathy. “This man I admire very much for his course. Do I feel like the way he does this has changed because it’s a podcast? I don’t know!” Sissi Christidou originally said about Lakis Lazopoulos. “I liked Chandiri very much, I can’t compare it to what’s happening right now. The way he puts it, it’s like comparing it. But it’s not the same. I don’t feel humor here, I feel anger, an empathy, an obsession. Then, if you fell into his nets, you laughed, even though he was sharp. It’s just, in his way I feel he’s become more personal,” added the presenter. In a quote from the podcast he played on the show, Lakis Lazopoulos says about George Liaga: “I don’t catch the chicken to sell out. I’ve taken the chicken in and the other hens in. He took the flag, the product the goofy, the patron of the dorks, the gossiping man. What will you be, my child when you grow up? When I grow up, I’ll be a gossip. That’s good. Liagas became a laughingstock. We’ll go through control, after it started with a tadpole at Star, it emerged as a measure of yellowing and has reached the point of jaundice.” For Katerina Newou, she said: “The New One I like, I have invited to my show, but there is no reason not to say what I think. No one will forbid me, neither will intimidate me, nor invite me to participate in a legal conversation on television. By law do I have to go only to court or is there law to go to the Liaga show? I’m not doing TV and I’m not doing Chandiri. You know what goes for me on TV. The satire for you is a foreign word, you don’t speak it. Is it possible for two women to talk about their personal affairs and one woman to consider an exclusive right to a man who had feelings a year ago? If New is in trouble, I invite her here whenever she wants to come and tell her here if she’s afraid to hear them and answer me. But only Katerina I call.”