Sissi Christidou: The first pictures on the beach WITHOUT retouching!

A lot of talk has been made at times for the weight of Sissy Christidou, for the retouched photos that display the personal… of accounts on social media and how it is processed with special filters.
The photographic lens of the You weekly immortalized the presenter and creator of the clothing minisize with Theodore Μαραντίνη on the beach of Varkiza. As you will see in the photos, the Σίσσυαπεικονίζεται with a full-length leopard-print bathing suit and without a trace of retouching. In fact, the director of the You, Georgia Συρίχα stressed in a recent appearance at NaMaSte that all that happened in the screenshots are from the department of photoshop is the standard “smoothing” of the skin.
“The photos I do for the clothes are made by professionals and, of course, and is retouched., because concerning the product. My own photos, of my personal moments that I’m uploading on social media, obviously, and I haven’t retouched it never” had confessed in an earlier interview in I-weekly.
However, the photos that come to light is the answer to whatever is said and written about the pounds of Sissy Christidou.