Since the Muslim world keeps asserting they are a peaceful people, why do they respond to EVERY little?

thing with riots, demonstrations and killings? That doesn’t seem very peaceful to me. If I rioted, or killed somebody everytime some one said something I didn’t like, the world would be a lot less populated and I would be locked up for a very long time. GET OVER IT!
NORMAL people may write a letter to an editor, or to the person they are angry with. ONLY PSYCHOTICS runamuk, shoting, pillaging, etc. If the Muslims who are doing those things get the coverage, what do you expect the world to think of all of you? It is like the propoganda Iranian TV puts out against Israel and the West. The “Big Satan” is the REAL Satan. Nothing else, nothing less. Don’t put that label on people who would really rather see all in the Mid-east living quietly and in peace.
TO Ms. Boons: I DON”T hate Muslims!!!! I hate terrorists!!!! I can’t help it that the majority of today’s torrirsts are Muslims. Sorry.