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(Title) The new treaty prohibiting the storage, transfer and use of cluster bombs and munitions and requires removal of what these unexploded munitions.
The convention adopted than 108 countries, but only 38 have ratified it.
The U.S., Russia and China are among those countries that have signed the treaty.
Cluster bombs were developed during the Second World War and is a devastating weapon, particularly dangerous for the civilian population.
bombs and munitions explode in the air and then releasing large numbers of bomblets over an area hundreds of meters. When they explode destroy infrastructure, but cause and serious injuries or death to those who are within the action.
Those bombs did not explode can remain active for many years. Indeed, the color is bold so often children to think for games and touching them to the trigger.

According to humanitarian organizations, 98% of victims of cluster bombs are civilians and about a third of the victims are children.
“This is one of the most important decisions in decades,” say activists campaigning for the elimination of cluster munitions in accordance with the BBC.
The campaign to abolish these weapons culminated and after the war between Israel and Lebanon in 2006.
According to the UN estimated that Israel dropped 4 million bomblets in southern Lebanon just in the last three days of the war.
It was then that the government Norway began the negotiations that led to the new treaty.
The UN secretary general today welcomed a new contract describing the key to global disarmament and to address widespread insecurity and pain caused by these “terrible” weapons in particular between citizens and children.

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