Sia Kosonis for turning SKAI into an update – What did she say about becoming a mother again

Her first children’s book she presented herself. The well-known journalist and anchorwoman spoke to him on the camera of the show “Super Katerina” about both her personal and professional plans. Sia Kosoni confessed things about her personal life, the decision to write a fairy tale, and she also answers about television happenings in SKAI. “We all hide a childhood within us, because we have been children and we like to return to that carefree world. The decision was random, until my son’s school asked me to talk about our work. So I came up with the idea to speak their language,” Sia Kosoni originally said. “The first person to read it was my son, the Municipality. It was a very useful process, to see if the messages were understood,” the journalist stressed, while clarifying: “I have no intention of a second child, I am fully covered by my son”. “I don’t know if SKAI will turn the briefing around. It’s not part of my work, it’s about the program,” says Sia Kosoni, while stating ignorance about the rumors that want Maria Anastassopoulou to return to the channel. “You ask me things I don’t know. Maria is my friend, my colleague and I love her very much,” Sia Kosonis said on the ALPHA show.

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