Show the blood group that you have to say to you…what will you be

Your blood type reveals a lot about you, in terms of your profession…
You’re blood group A, B, 0 or AB’s? In Japan, the character of the man associated with the group blood, as has been reported previously in an article of astrology.gr and yes, it is considered that it has large consequences for the life, work and love life.
What’s hiding behind this interesting point of view?
I’m sure you’re not thinking of what blood group you are, generally, only if you need to do a transfusion. While no blood type does not determine how we act, behave, or will lead a person in the workplace, there are companies, especially in Japan, which do blood tests to see what position is right for it.
I’m no expert on blood tests and this article certainly doesn’t contain no scientific explanation, but rather sets out what it states your blood type, for jobs that might suit you better .
If you belong to this group, for sure, is that you are enjoying the power and will not hesitate to conquer it. You’re pretty competitive (a pit bull* in the business world), sometimes opinionated but born to be a boss. Are you sure you’re better at making money than friends.
The plus is that you’re conscientious, you have goals and would you make an extra effort -if need be – to fulfill. Sometimes be possessed by a lack of programming, but you’re strong enough and versatile in the working conditions.
Also, you consider the games of victory or defeat, and will work hard to achieve a good result. Therefore, you get depressed if you lose or don’t get the desired result.
* pit bulls are renowned for their fighting skills
Proposed Occupations: Accountant, Statesman, Business / Sales, Therapist, Minister
You again, you belong to the persistent, reliable and μεθοδικούς types. It is a fact that you don’t like surprises, while you are most suited for jobs that need detail , but not those which require creative thinking.
You’re one of the good guys, team players and the plus is that you have a plan for everything and you want to follow it faithfully. You have excellent accuracy in your work and often the people around you appreciate you for your organization or for various small services that you do.
Proposed Occupations: Accountant, Librarian, Lawyer, Economist
If the group you belong to is the B, you’re an unconventional free spirit who is extremely creative and a hard worker, but the inability to get over your shame, a lot of times, your prohibits climbing to the top in any traditional job. Whatever you lack in diplomacy, you fill out of ideas, energy and the capacity to implement things.
Even when you’re troubled by someone or developments will not go as you had planned, you just say “OK…”. It is this positive attitude and open mind that make you stand out in your work space. In plus you also can add is that you soak up information and knowledge much faster than other people.
However, your insistence that a few times to do things at your own pace, it becomes a negative point and is likely to lead to conflicts or dislikes on the part of your colleagues.
Recommended Professions: Detective, Journalist, Artist, Psychiatrist
To let you know that this is the most rare blood group and you are the most spiritual of the other blood types. This team usually includes a lot of seers, visionary and therapists. In most traditional occupations, the temper in your nature, and rational thought makes you a good diplomat and a lawyer. You’re very organized but not particularly innovative or creative, this could be a great administrator, a bureaucrat or a negotiator.
In addition, you don’t have much need or inclination to compete and to win or come out ahead of the others. You’re the right person for cooperatives/partnerships, but on the negative side, more vulnerable and give up easily.
Generally, you’re calm person and you have the ability to judge things objectively. Look first around you and then act and can hear people calling you pretty smart man.
Recommended Professions: Public Relations, Responsible Company, Negotiator, Teacher, Lawyer