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Shocking revelations of the coroner’s office for a crime in Tennessee: The tortured before the throttle…

Does not fit human mind, what he did to that poor Anthi before he killed her, the 40-year-old man of…
in their own home in Velvento, Kozani.
In accordance with the Kozanimedia death due to drowning (drowning) in accordance with the findings of the autopsy dissection. In fact, it was detected and a fracture to the skull, probably due to a blow from her husband, and perpetrator of the murder.
Also identified and bruising close to the eyes of the 37χρονης, also most likely due to flap. The 40-year-old was led in the courts of Kozani, with file, at the expense of the homicide from intention.
The drowned and stayed next to the body of the Ανθής for half an hour – The shooter is now saying that he didn’t understand what he did
The excuses and the description of the crime, the way he’s acting he gives it himself, the 40-year-old shooter thrilling. Tasos Τσιουχάρας reportedly supports now that it’s all because of the problems that had the couple in their relationship. He said that claims that he did not want to kill the unlucky Anthi Λινάρδου and that the crime that shocked the Velvento, Kozani, was not premeditated.
The information for the description of the one allegedly gives himself the 40-year-old rocked. According to this information the attacker now reportedly claims that a fight. He and his wife when the kids went to sleep they started to talk about their relationship. There were problems, allegedly says, a word in the conversation things got heated, the 40-year-old supports, as they say, the information that is out of control. I don’t remember exactly what happened, when he came to, reportedly says now, Anthi couldn’t breathe. He stayed beside the dead body for half an hour. Decided to take the body and bury it in the field without saying anything to anyone.In accordance with information the 40-year-old described how he wrapped with a blanket of the house and he carried the body of the unfortunate woman in the basement a closed garage where it was parked his pickup truck. Put the body of the woman in the car and went to the field, avoiding to pass through central points of the village, for no one sees him. As it purports to describe to the cops now, after the confession of the crime, the whole night didn’t sleep. In the morning he informed his father by saying that the Athi has not returned to the house, and he went and “φρέζαρε” the field, to the point where he had buried the dead body. From noon and then he started pretending that he was worried about his wife, then turned to the police.
What reportedly says the perp to the cops looks like he wants to talk about a crime of passion, wants to get rid of the category of a crime which he had planned.
The evidence of the police, however, are specific. On the Friday before the crime, the 40-year-old had asked villager to dig in a specific spot of the field with the excuse that there was a rock that had to be removed.
At the same time with the behavior and the movements of the police officers consider that it tried to confuse them to erase the traces of. The experienced officers were not convinced.
From the first moment, from the time that identified the crutches, glasses and mobile of the victim, the scenario of… of abandonment and escapism not “stood” and so in the interest of the police officers turned to the 40-year-old. When it was revealed that φρέζαρε for no reason a specific point in the field, then the research took another turn, revealing the heinous crime.

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