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Shocking divorces that take πατρινοί for the desperate!

Shocked by the figures which in the last few months come to light and which wear in methods who resort couples – in some cases, they have…
children – in order that the man primarily to ensure a minimum income through the qualification as a pauper.
In the courts of Patras in at least three cases have been discussed in the past few months and out of divorce mutual consent and for which the future historian, when referring to the economic crisis will have a lot to say.
The “motive” for the version, it wasn’t even the discrepancy of characters, nor the choice of another person to live in one of the two, but the search for ways – from the moment the company collapsed – to escape the prison and at the same time to ensure an income with the man then marked a pauper after the name has nothing, and, of course, has not, and income.
These are moves of desperation as they try to save at least a assets of the one of the two and at the same time to ensure, through welfare assistance and social grocery the minimum income for their family as they still live in the same roof.
Be noted that ten months ago was enough for someone to display to the competent services of the application for divorce, in order to ask for the ok of the category of the most deprived persons and to declare personal bankruptcy, but then as a condition – along with all other supporting documentation required – purpose was to show the way.
In some cases the wife for an additional act to be submitted to banks and other services says that he is the only person liable towards the debt as well as debts to institutions and pension funds.