Shocked by the final moments of Nikos Θανόπουλου – just before the fatal he felt he wasn’t well and called his father.

Thrilling moments and dialogues father and son before , before the occurrence of the fatal for the 31χρονο Nico Θανόπουλου in the afternoon…
last Saturday , who before 2 ½ months he had lost his 8 months pregnant wife.
The unlucky man, a few minutes before it happened, he wasn’t feeling well and the first move he did was to call on the phone, his father Takis , who is chairman of the Storm of Patras and at that time he was watching match of the group.
The 31-year-old informed him that she doesn’t feel at all well, and how he feels intense discomfort and shortness of breath. His father advised him to take a bath to recover, and then to calm down, but before he completes the sentence of his son Takis θανόπουλου ceased to speak.
Takis thanopoulos immediately called a relative of the person who lives next to the home of his son, which he asked to go immediately to see what has happened, making him known, that when he was talking to his son on the phone, he suddenly stopped talking to him.
The arrival of a relative at home 31χρονου Nikos Θανόπουλου, has been accompanied by the identification of the unconscious in the bathroom of the house. Immediately alert, an AMBULANCE, an ambulance which went to the house of 31χρονου. The paramedics immediately transferred him to the ambulance while they made desperate efforts to resuscitate the unfortunate man, who had heart rate and as anxiously reported to the center wasn’t breathing. Essentially the crew of the ambulance the only thing he did was to diagnose the death of Nikos Θανόπουλου. Be noted that immediately arrived home his father , who was informed almost in an identical way, with him, was informed a few months ago, the death of his bride, the loss of his son.
According to the medical report, regardless of whether this played a role for that to happen, the inevitable – Nikos Thanopoulos had a small heart, while the potential to have a negative some medicine that drank for the last time, after the loss of his wife, is regarded as unimportant.