Shock! This is the plan of the Jihadists to wipe out Europe!

The Islamic State is planning to…
launch an attack in the West with chemical and biological weapons
Scientists, enlists the Islamic State with the help of which you will be able to launch an attack in the West with chemical and biological weapons, as reveals a report of the European Parliament.
According to a report in the british newspaper “Daily Mail” publishes excerpts from the report, the jihadists have recruited physicists, chemists, biologists and specialists in the field of information technology, which will help them to build weapons of mass destruction and to move in Europe without being detected by the special machines. Experts are sounding the alarm in western governments, calling on them to warn citizens of the possibility of such an attack.
The Islamic State, according to the document, you may use weapons of mass destruction have been banned. As pointed out in the british newspaper, the document, drawn up in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, reports that the Islamic State has already passed illegal weapons of mass destruction on european soil.
Experts express fears that the militants of the Islamic State will be able to take advantage of the failure of european governments to exchange information on potential terrorists. Already the british police authorities are trained to deal with different kinds of a terrorist attack. However, the European Parliament report underlines that the government of David Cameron will probably have to announce to the British public that there is a risk of attack with biological and chemical weapons.
The report, under the title: “Islamic State (is) and non-conventional weapons,” it warns: “currently, European citizens do not believe that there is a risk to use the extremist organisations chemical, biological, and even nuclear power all during the attacks in Europe. Under these conditions, the effects of such an attack, it would be even more destabilising”.
For his part, Rob Γουένραιτ, the head of Europol has stated after the attacks of 13 November in Paris: “We have a very well organized terrorist organization – and economically – which is active in the streets of Europe. This is the most serious terrorist threat facing the continent in the last ten years”.