Shock! Scamming the elderly by the lawyer. How much money had been saved?

A 29-year-old Bulgarian was arrested…
and charged with two cases of fraud and twenty-three cases of attempted fraud, in the wider region of Tripoli. At the expense of the formed
file κακουργηματικού character, for a recommendation of a criminal organisation and fraud, which includes an unknown number of accomplices.
In particular, with regard to the mode of action, the members of the criminal group, acting with a specific methodology and approach, have been tricking elderly people, especially those, giving them false facts as true in order to get money.
In particular, calling on citizens and having first verified that it is for the elderly person, then stated falsely that the property of the lawyer and on the pretext of providing legal aid, ostensibly for a traffic accident, in which he was involved the child or another family member the a face and which he had as a result to cause grievous bodily harm to a minor, they distract sums of money.
In the context of a police investigation, it has been confirmed that the 29-year-old and his accomplices, during the period from the day before yesterday 10 December up to yesterday, in the wider region of Tripoli had a cheat two women, while they had attempted to deceive even twenty-two persons, of which one, they tried to cheat twice.
From the above criminal action, had wrested a total of the amount of 10.500 euro, which was found and attributed to the παθούσες, while the amount of money they tried to extort exceed € 275,000.
The 29-year-old will be driven to the public Prosecutor court of first instance of Tripoli, while the police investigation and the coroner’s court, continues from the safety of Tripoli, for the identification of accomplices 29χρονου, as well as for the verification of any participation in commission of similar offences.