SHOCK in Turkish SMES: a Huge mobilisation of the Turkish army…[photos+video]

There are developments in the neighboring country of Turkey, with regard to the risk of a possible Russian invasion of…
More specifically, Russia continues to strengthen forces in the perimeter of Turkey, according to a report in the Hurriyet Daily News, have been sent 14 Russian helicopters in Armenia (7 Mi-24 attack helicopters, 7 Mi-8 transport), while it is expected that the transfer of other 14, the air base in Γκιούμρι.
While sources indicate that Russia is preparing to send additional forces in A. Mediterranean consisting of: the aircraft carrier “Κουζνέτσωφ”, an extra nuclear submarine, 100 – 120 combat aircraft, mobile missile batteries ISKANDER, and marine units.
As expected, the movements of Russia, due to the extended scale, could not go unnoticed, with the Anchor to set in a alarm, the Turkish army, in anticipation of a possible stroke.


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