Shock – ΡΑΓΔΑΙΕΣ DEVELOPMENTS: Who is sending the courts the father of 5-year-old, who massacred rottweilers, in addition to the owner

Rapid show the developments in the matter of the death of 5-year-old Stathis from rottweiler Easter Sunday. In the last few hours running…
a strong rumor that the boy’s father is expected to take legal action against his ex-wife for child endangerment.
However, speaking at the KOZANILIFE.GR uncle of the unfortunate child (husband of the sister of the father) he said he is not aware of such a thing, without, however, to exclude it. In the meantime, in a heavy climate, and mourning took place the morning of memorial day in the cemeteries of St. George Kozani for the wrongful death of 5-year-old.

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