Serres: They put newborn puppies in a bag and threw them in a field

They were found in a rough spot and rescued. Resurrected local society after revealing brutality… Six newborn puppies were found in a plastic bag, in the area of Kamarotos, in the Municipality of Sintika, in Serres, on Sunday, March 10, 2024. The stranger threw the little dogs in a rough spot to make sure the puppies weren’t found and survived. For the unpleasant incident he was informed in the pro-animal association “Friends”. According to, it took Fire Department assistance to free puppies, which were fortunately found alive. For the event members of the philosidic association “Friends” with a social media posting emphasize: “We thank the firefighters of the Ironbox Scale for the immediate response! We will immediately require door-to-door checks to be initiated throughout the Municipality of Sintika, several”