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See why you are using completely the wrong paper towels! [video]

Every year spent millions of tons of paper towel that are used in homes for domestic use or in the restrooms of shops and stores for the…
hand drying. Most people the habit of spending an excessive amount of a paper towel without having.
Joe Smith, the beloved grandfather of America, he showed an amazing way for you to wipe your hands with just a piece of paper.
The secret lies in 2 words, “Shaking” and “Folding”. As you will see in the video below, initially when you wash your hands you have to shake it several times (10-12) to remove most of the water. This is the so-called “Shaking” (or Shake it like it says Joe Smith). Then you take a piece of paper, fold it in half, and with this wipe your hands. This is the so-called “Diploma” (or Fold, as he calls Joe).
With these two simple movements, well, you can save paper whether you’re inside home or you’re out. In America every year is spent 5 billion pounds of paper! As you understand, so it behoves us all to make proper use of the paper and to avoid to spend for no reason.
See the Joe Smith to the above method, and try it! We, however, that we are indeed stunning and can dramatically help the economy paper.


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