See what will happen in 2016 with a simple mathematical operation…

You want to know what’s going to happen in your life in 2016 that?
Forget about the custom with the red underwear on new year’s Eve which is supposed to bring you luck. According to the tabloid british newspaper Daily Mail, your luck is already predetermined and you can learn more about the future with simple mathematical operations.
The numerology is a belief, according to which the numbers play an important role in our lives. It is a pseudoscience, in accordance with the mathematical, that connects important dates, such as that of our birth, with the past, the present and the future.
The core of our ideas back to antiquity, and in particular to Pythagoras, who was trying to discover the secret connections of numbers. This idea passed to the Roman tradition and reaches today quite altered, having received influences from other clairvoyant practice.
So if you want to try to find out what hides in 2016 for you, according to numerology, follow the method below:
First add the day and month of birth, and the year for which you want to learn more. For example, if you were born on the 10th of January and you are interested in the year 2016, you will do the following act: 1+0+1+2+0+1+6 =11. If the resulting number is one digit, then this is your lucky number. If it is two-digit, as in our case, add the two digits to find him. For example, if the addition showed the number 11, my lucky number is 2. But what does it mean the each number.
Number 1
According to the Daily Mail, if your lucky number is 1, then get ready for new beginnings on all levels. New love, new career, new home, new diet. What will change in your life will define you. So, prepare a list of all your desires, which the most likely is that you’ll throw it away in a drawer somewhere after the late night of new year’s Eve.
Number 2
If the number 1 symbolizes the action, the 2 is the number of patience. The numerology suggests that you should wait passively 2017, because the next year is not going to happen anything exciting happening in your life. I’m sorry.
Number 3
Parties, events, new friendships and collaborations. If your lucky number is 3, be sure to finish all of the series that started this year before the new Year, why don’t you stay even a night home.
Number 4
Move, work and work. If your lucky number is 4, then you have to forget the drinks and late nights (as the friends with the number three), as well as this year, according to the numerology, to empty the warehouse, to save money, to pay bills, to finish with all the loose ends that you have from 2010 and -why not – to get a second job. If you find it.
Number 5
Changes, many changes. If your lucky number is 5, the more likely it is to make that move, split, or get married, have a child or change career. To be honest, your luck is not very interested from those who have the number 1.
Number 6
If your lucky number is 6, get ready to join the number 2. According to numerology, you will spend a lot of time at home with the spouse and children. If you don’t have children, better to adopt the first cat.
Number 7
Internal searches. If your lucky number is 7, start yoga or some kind of book Coelho. Alternatively, you can post everyday “phrases of wise men in all the social networking accounts you have.
Number 8
According to numerology, the number 8 brings you successes, development and economic progress. Do you think is the lucky number in Greece?
Number 9
Change, transformation. It seems that those who inspired the art of numerology has dried up of ideas at this point, as the number 9 reminds to a large extent the number 1.

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