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    More than 150 million men across the world face a problem of a malfunction. The statistic shows that…
    at greatest risk are the group of men between 40 and 70 years of age. Due to the stress, but the same risk are more and more young people. Many studies show the accumulated stress as the strongest factor, which leads to a decrease of sexual capacity, along of course with smoking and alcohol and not healthy lifestyle.
    The situation causes frustration, low self-esteem and a lot of nerves. That will destroy the harmony of relations with the partner, which also suffers from this problem and start looking for the cause in itself.
    The Omnipotence, composed of natural ingredients and completely safe for health, it hits directly the problem with the help of L-arginine.
    H L-αργινίνηβελτιώνει the flow of blood to the penis and presents pre-regenerative action. The extract from tribulus terrestris stimulates sex drive, increases the testosterone level and helps to achieve sexual arousal.
    The extract of the pumpkin and the plant Saw palmetto enrich the supplement with phytosterols, which have been pre-regenerative action of the epithelial cells and stimulate the secretory activity for the production of seminal fluid.
    Cause significantly better relief to men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia and the inherent difficulty in urination.
    Maca not only increases the level of libido, but also affects positively on the overall psychophysical condition, strengthens the body, improves stamina and increases energy. The extract from this plant is highly recommended when stress and burnout.
    The perfectly balanced cocktail of vitamins and minerals contained in the product cover any shortage in the body, thus affecting the overall improvement of health and wellness
    In a study published in the medical journal Health&Disease the people who participated in the survey, they solved their problems an average of 2 weeks.
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