See how you will save heat for your home in the winter

Rain and snow expected by the meteorologists for today, while…
cold is intense, the last 10ημερο. The winds will be blowing north and will reach 7 to 8 beaufort in the Aegean, while snow will fall and in Attica. It is now apparent that winter made his appearance and no longer of particular importance to certain “tricks” to keep your home warm.
1)it Is well known that you don’t have to put in the radiators caps because it significantly decreases the performance.
2)If you feel that entering cold air in your house from the windows, take tape and cover the “holes” and gaps that may exist. It is advisable to call a specialist to take care of this issue. The main doors you can place aerostop. One day the wind blows you light a scented stick. Watch the flow of smoke. If the smoke goes horizontal, and then enters the air from various points, and there are currents in the home. You have to locate and cover.
3)Attention to the moisture. Make a good control in every corner of your home and find any signs that show that you have moisture. You can get a dehumidifier or put a little bit of time each day in the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner.
4)Attention to temperature. When it comes to room temperature, we mean 20 degrees. At night you can lower the thermostat.
5)Schedule the time you open to ventilate the house. 15 minutes is enough.
6)All the hours that the sun sees the house, open the curtains and blinds to warm up the interior of the house and to break the humidity.