“Scotdom” Πλελί – Polakis in Parliament: “Chipras has emptied you” – “You tell that to Tsipras not to me!”

Heavy words were heard today in Parliament between him and him on the Novartis plot case. It was all at the meeting of the Parliament’s Committee on Institutions and Transparency on the occasion of what Alexis Tsipras recently said about the unfortunate management of the criminal prosecution of ten political figures by his then government. Paul Polakis, despite Tsipras’ statements, insisted: “history does not end here” with the moneying policies noting among others that “the Novartis scandal existed because the protected witnesses with what they filed in America were fined to the company. They said they funded politicians and service agents in Greece to determine prices spread out in Europe and around the world. There was filing – not acquittal”. Thanos Plearis raised the glove and reported to him: “for your service in Health why don’t you talk to us? “ And the following dialogue followed: “You must not move. You have other responsibilities. Well, murky. And if you listened to what we were telling you, we’d have 20,000 less dead, so muttering. Silence, Sailor. You are the boatman of Acheron of the Health Ministers of Metapolitization. Silence and modesty. Nothing will fall down, Mr. President. Pleuris will not dance, who over his days has been spared money and paid the highest price to the dead.” At the time this was happening and without being able to identify who told it and who it was addressed to was heard from the benches called: “Ust bum…” The dialogue – fighting continued as follows: Thanos Plearis : Mr. Polakis voice we do not have to talk about Health. You were then appearing as an anti-vaccator. Paul Polakis: What did you do to get the others on holiday? 13,000 dead received and 35,000 delivered. Silence then. Silence, Sailor. When I’m ahead of silence. Thanos Plearis: You even got emptied by Tsipras. Paul Polakis: Tell that to Tsipras not to me. Keep your head down.