Scholarships for 5,000 children nationwide have decided the caregivers

“We support the have-nots, we participate in the national dialogue for education”… This was the main conclusion of the work of the 34th conference of the ΟΕΦΕ, which was completed yesterday at noon in Thessaloniki with the participation of 600 caregivers from all over Greece.
At the conference, which was held over the Weekend at the hotel WITH him, examined the basic problems of the industry, while it confirmed the firm decision of carers to support the children who need it, offering for the second consecutive year to 5,000 students in the whole of Greece free lessons. At the same time ‘ emphasized the position of the Federation of state present at the dialogue that has been started for the education.
The conference started on Saturday with the successful organization of the seminars in English lessons, maths and natural sciences, while today in the morning at the start of the conference attended and spoke to the deputy foreign minister, Dimitris Μάρδας, the special adviser to the ministry of Education for matters Panagiotis Georgopoulos, the members of Thessaloniki Triantafyllos Μηταφίδης and Giannis Delis, the regional advisor of central Macedonia Christina Κελεσίδου, as well as representatives of bodies, such as the President of the Federation of Professionals and Traders of Thessaloniki Yannis Μανδρίνος, the president of GSEVEE, Giorgos Kavvathas and the chairman of the Union of Chemical Greece Thanasis Papadopoulos
The conference was opened by the president of the Association of Carers in Northern Greece and president of the Organizing Committee of the conference Apostle Τζακόπουλος, who in his speech noted that the conference was shot down once again, the myth that the tutorial is a Greek originality, stressing that the legitimate tutorial has secured his position on the panel of a Greek family. “It is an integral part of society. We, for our part we aim high knowledge”, he noted.
In his speech, the president of the ΟΕΦΕ John Βαφειαδάκης pointed out that the tutorial is addressed to the middle and low income classes and that it plays a balancing role to enable the families to cope with the exams in the best way. “Extreme poverty has led to do not have access to εξωδιδακτική support of many parents, leading their children to give exams with reduced odds.
The time has come to head european funds to those families who need it, enhancing the subsidy to the school”, he noted.
The president of the ΟΕΦΕ communicated the decision of the Federation, who was taken to the last General Meeting of the members of the to support the children who need it. “We’re going to give the time -as last year – 5,000 children the possibility to study for free in the tutorials. With respect to the pupils and without fanfare. We know the meaning of crisis and poverty’, pointed out the president of the ΟΕΦΕ, and called on the state to tighten up their controls to combat the “black special”.
For changes in the testing was for “change of foot”, while he welcomed the announcement of the representative of the ministry of education to the congress of the ΟΕΦΕ that the Carers will be involved in the dialogue on education. “We will give the public of our locations for testing. Changes must be made after exhausting dialogue and to aim for a stable educational system. Why don’t you have to play with the future of our children”, he noted.
The testing was reported and the Secretary-General of the ΟΕΦΕ Mars Τεμεκενίδης. “The examination system needs to be fixed, not to change and to give equal opportunities to all,” noted mr. Τεμεκενίδης, who referred to the distortions which would create free access to higher education, while asked to connect the educational system with the productive model of the country. “We need resources, broad political consensus and deep agreement with the society itself. We must have a role”, he noted.
At the conference, which had the title “Tutorial, the value added in education”, was also presented the social contribution of the tutorials, while in the area of the conference exhibition of hardware, with old photos from the history of tuition centers across the country, which was edited by the Contact Carers Northern Greece.