Saviour Kontizas: I don’t like Japanese women, they remind me of my mother.

To Theodoris Koutsoyanopoulos and Cosmote TV spoke the well-known chef and judge of masterchef, who, among others, also referred to his relationship with his three children. MasterChef’s chef and judge spoke of the names he has given his children, the meaning behind each and the epic song myth with his father. As Sotiris Kontizas described for his children, “the little one, her Japanese name is Izumi. It is “the purity of water”, my mother chose that name. Kenji is “the healthy one” and, finally, Ariana Chihiro whose name is inspired by Spirit in the way.” At another point in his interview, Saviour Kontizas also revealed his dialogue with his father. “It struck me before, because my father had told me ‘ I liked your mother because she was Japanese. What do you like?” And I say “Surely not the Japanese, because they remind me of my mother”” said the well-known chef. Finally, regarding whether he has accepted racism and the nickname “Fujitsu” that he had been stuck with during his childhood, he said: “I don’t put it in the category of racism, just childhood is tough”.