Santorini: Thoughts and Discussions for Second cable car on the Island

It has, but this seems not enough to meet the needs of summers… The construction of a second cable car, of great transport capacity, to serve today’s needs was once again placed at the table of discussions on the future of the cruise in Santorini, between representatives of the Association of Shipowners of Cruise Ships and Marine Carriers (EKFN), and the Municipality of Thera of the Port Fund, the Commercial Association of Thira and the Association of Boatboats of Thira. “In the context of the debate on the service of cruise ships and their transport hundreds of thousands of passengers to this great tourist destination, Santorini, the construction of a second Teleferic, large transport capacity, was discussed to serve today’s needs” is highlighted in an announcement by the EKFN. The measures to be taken in time, during the summer peak periods, which occur at the same time in many cruise ships. It was pointed out that, with the particularities of this destination, the Berth allocation system should be fully operational as soon as possible so that the managing companies are informed in time of the possibility of arriving at specific dates to avoid crowding, which could lead to the inconvenience of passengers.