Saints Anargyros: “It is a wonder that Mr. Chrysochoidis is still in his place,” says Syriza

Women’s murder is reported to them by his announcement today Wednesday (3.4.24) stressing that “indignantness and embarrassment is caused by the revelation of the conversation the murdered 28-year-old had with a member of Direct Action when she asked for help and a police car to take her home.” “The answer he received, according to the shocking sound documents, was: ‘Ma’am, the patrol car is not a taxi’. This attitude of EL.A. officials proves irrefutablely that the government of New Democracy has not realised that the real problem in the Greek Police is not ‘numbering’, but concerns training, education and protocols that are being followed,” says Syriza. “It is a wonder that Mr Chrysochoidis, even after this revelation, is in his place. Neither did the Prime Minister want to dismiss him, nor did he feel the need to submit his resignation. It is surprising that the government again rejected the amendment of the SYRIZA PS to guarantee the term ‘womanicide’, the main opposition party concludes.