Russia: Ukrainian Drones Attacked Oil Refinery in Kaluga

Ukraine “replicates” it literally, constantly hitting oil production, as Moscow had targeted Ukrainian infrastructure last year. Ukraine’s goal – as many officials have said – is to impose through drones a peculiar “embargo” on oil and gas exports from Russia, thus causing it to bleed financially. Believed in this line Ukraine struck early today Friday 15.3.2024 at an oil refinery in Kaluga District, Russia using drones, in an operation conducted by the military intelligence agency GUR, as told Reuters source of Ukrainian intelligence services. Kaluga Refinery, owned by a private individual and located about 65 km from the outskirts of Moscow, is not one of Russia’s important oil facilities. It says the basic processing capacity of the plant is 1.2 million tonnes per year, about 24,000 barrels per day. BREAKING: A Ukrainian drone strike has destroyed the Kaluga Oil Refinery south-west of Moscow. Ukraine continues its new strategic campaign to systematically destroy Russia’s oil and gas industry. Ukraine has launched plenti of “sanctions” over the past 3-4 weeks — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) Vitsislav Sapsa, the Russian governor of Kaluga district, said earlier in the Telegram app that anti-aircraft defense shot down four drones in the area where the refinery is located and that no damage to infrastructure or casualties occurred. There is currently no comment from the company to which the refinery belongs. Reuters is unable to confirm the statements independently. Ukraine has given priority to producing long-range drones during its war with Russia in order to address the reluctance of Western allies to provide long-range missiles. In addition, drones are not only cheaper and can be produced in Ukraine, but are also much more flexible, thus escaping Russian air defence. Ukraine strike an oil refining in Kaluga region overnight with long-range drones as the bombing campaign against Russia’s energy industry continues — Business Ukraine mag (@Biz_Ukraine_Mag) Ukraine’s Digital Policy Minister, who is an advocate of domestic production drones, told Reuters in February that Ukraine plans to produce thousands of long-range drones this year for blows in Russia. Moscow has used thousands of Iranian-made offensive drones “Shahed” to bomb targets in Ukraine since the first year of the war.