Russia: In Refinery Flames After Ukrainian Drones Attack · Global Voices

Her drone goal became a refinery in the dawn of Tuesday (12.3.2024) resulting in a major fire breaking out. According to district chief Andrey Klitzkov, the attack occurred in the city of Ariol, about 160 km from the Russian and Ukrainian border, in “a fuel and energy storage complex”. “Drone crashed in Ariole. Fuel and energy storage complex was attacked. Special services work on site to limit the fire. There are no victims,” summed up by Mr Klitzkov via Telegram. According to an emergency response service officer invoked by the Russian news agency RIA, a tank containing petroleum products caught fire. Against Russian media, the attack took place around 03:00 (p. local time; 02:00 Greek time). Ukrainian drone drones also attacked on Monday to Tuesday night in the Russian district of Bielgorod, against the Ukrainian city of Harkiv, without any casualties, according to the district chief, who noted that a line of the electricity distribution network was damaged. “Bielgorod District was attacked by Ukrainian armed forces with drones, who made throws of four explosive devices,” Regional Chief Vitsislav Gladkov said via Telegram. Ukrainian UAVs hit oil regenerations in Russia’s Oryol and Nizhni Novgorod regions tonight. “Excellent, sanctions work! ” — Sergej Sumlenny, LL. M (@sumlenny) According to the same official, a shutdown in seven communities was found due to the attack. Furthermore, drone was destroyed over the Tula district, south of Moscow, according to the security ministry, invoked by the Russian TASS news agency. The governor of Kursk district, who is also adjacent to Ukraine, spoke on his side of the shooting down of two Ukrainian UAVs by Russian anti-aircraft defence. The Ukrainian army launches drone attacks ever deeper into the territory of Russia, more than two years after the Russian armed forces invaded the territory of Ukraine in February 2022. On Saturday, Russia reported that it destroyed 47 Ukrainian drones during the night, mainly in the Rastov district to Don, which is adjacent to Ukraine. This attack is estimated to have been targeted, among other things, by an aircraft factory.