Romanos for Kasselakis: We’re still waiting for answers for the offshore – Maybe he’ll give video from his next destination

“Three twenty-four hours after the complaints of the former financial director of SYRIZA, about the “unnecessary” loans of the 4 days and the offshore Kasselakis which led to the corresponding investigation from the prosecution, Mr. He has not given any response” points out in a statement by the spokesman of the ND, “On the contrary, he comments on all the scientist, issuing an amerim throughout Greece. We wait for his next video from his next destination. Perhaps there he will find some time to answer the complaints against him that justice investigates,” Nikos Romanos adds for Stefanos Kasselakis. It is recalled that circles of SYRIZA say that there is no issue concerning the President’s Pothes, as Stefanos Kasselakis will now do for the first time, since in previous years he lived and worked abroad. Main opposition officials point out that every investigation is welcome and that clear sky lightning is not afraid. According to the same factors, however, his legal team examines the matter and if so, Stefanos Kasselakis will transfer his shares. His company is clean after being taxed 50% in Miami.

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