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(Title) One in five business (20.9%) is likely to proceed to close the next time. This is estimated at 175 000 / locks”the end of 2011, according to a survey by the FHW GSEBEE the progress of the real economy following the signing of the Memorandum, while a moderate scenario, it is estimated that a serious risk of losing over 300,000 jobs by the end of 2011. (Employers, self-employed)
As stated in a press conference presented data from the Chairman of the General Confederation of Professional Craftsmen and Traders of Greece Mr. D. Asimakopoulos and represent the company’s MARC conducted research on a nationwide sample of 960 firms a precariousness are 120,000 jobs in the second half of 2010.

Major findings of the survey is that 26% of businesses consider – and some have already gone – a change of business for tax reasons, while 4 The 10 firms appear to have exhausted the scope for tax satisfaction and thinking ahead to stop payments to the public.
As commented Mr. Assimakopoulos on the subject organized by default by”GSEBEE he does not envisage this such members, but noted that the research findings will not be left untapped, and given that nobody knows what will happen in the future we do not rule anything”
Yet the survey shows that eight in 10 companies (80 2%) record worsening global economic situation, but all the individual economic indicators. In particular, worsening displays:

turnover to 77,8%
demand a 77%
liquidity to 79%
the orders of the 76.1%
investment in 52,3%.
Mr. Asimakopoulos noted that the solutions proposed to motivate retention of jobs, he noted that it must change direction TEMPME and the absorbency of recent programs seem failure of the institution and noted that all forces should be together because our economy has reached the limits”buckling”and emphasized the importance of no further increase in VAT or in a unit. Unleashed his arrows against BSE in big business and has identified BSE saying that”a small circle of acquaintances and interests guide the economic decisions taken and the Memorandum on the basis of contacts and interests”.

In a statement to the ANA-MPA Mr. Asimakopoulos commented that the investigation concluded that there is evidence of deterioration in the real economy, leading to deterioration in the business horizon and this deterioration is recorded in the estimates of small”.
As far as predicting the general economic situation of respondents deterioration provides the 67.1% of entrepreneurs. In particular, worsening provides:

turnover to 65,6%
liquidity in 66,9%
demand to 63,8%
in order to 64,4%.
investment in 47,5%

EMPLOYMENT particularly adverse effects recorded in the field of employment, because almost one in five businesses (21.9% ) had to reduce their workforce and only 3.6% of firms in the sample went into recruitment. This translates to a loss of about 88,000 jobs for the first half of 2010 with greater strength in manufacturing and larger companies in the sample.
In addition, nearly three out of 10 entrepreneurs who employ staff (27.7%), provide that second half of 2010, will move to reduce staff, while only 2.8% said they would proceed with recruitment. With the most conservative scenario is estimated to be doubtful other 120,000 jobs over the next six months.

SALARIES The 4 in 10 companies, record problems in the process of payroll for their workers. More than seven in 10 say that business has no need to make any cuts in the salaries of their employees, which shows that the wage bill itself is not considered a major problem for the viability of businesses. This finding justifies the strong position of the bodies of micro and small enterprises did not accept proposals to repeal the 13th and 14th and no salary increases.
According to the survey, eight out of 10 surveyed entrepreneurs wishing to 13th and 14th salary to either remain unchanged or be integrated into the 12 salaries of the year, while only one in 10 want the full removal. But worrying is the fact that 1 in 3 companies indicates that it has been forced to move to reduce the hours and days worked. These data confirmed the evidence in the Report of the APR in relation to the large number of contract modifications from full to partial or job rotation. It is also worth mentioning that the majority of small businesses consider as an effective measure of the grant to preserve jobs and, secondarily, the grant for recruitment. In addition, only one in 10 favors the reduction of redundancy costs.

Tax – DISASTER FOR BUSINESS TAX INCREASE Any attempt from 11% to 23%
The 7 to 10 companies say that new big tax increases would affect the catalytic turnover, while feature is that 26% said they prepared to move to relocate the headquarters for tax purposes. An important feature of the survey is that three in four companies, that they were able, so far, to absorb the increase in VAT in particular, smaller firms in the sample. Contrary to a two enterprises with more than 10 persons stated that necessarily has raised prices. FHW GSEBEE considers that any further increase in VAT (from 11% to 23% on products and services) will have consequences similar “atomic bomb” in turnover, employment, inflation, and eventually locks business revenue in the state and insurance funds.

Banking Finance
Despite the fact that the liquidity of companies is deteriorating continuously, three to four companies had not taken bank loans in first half of 2010 (the next day fear – TEIRESIAS ). Moreover, nearly one in two companies that approached a bank for a loan, saw its request be dismissed.

Government measures are seven to 10 companies, believe that government measures will deteriorate state of the economy and the market.

The respondents regard as most effective form of action to participate in processes of social dialogue, while less effective form of action is closing the stores as form of reaction. Remarkable is the high rate, which it considers as an effective response, terminating payments to the state. This rate requires special political and social analysis, given that no union-employer organization has never proposed such action to create and similar climate.

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