Rider: The 34-year-old who was missing was found alive for two days

The 34-year-old Christos Thomos, who had disappeared from . Information was found that Christos Thomos was found in the wider area of HYTA Municipality of Kavala, and transferred to the hospital for preventive examinations. Earlier Thomas’ father spoke at newssit.gr he had said that : “Last afternoon a rancher notified that he saw my son on the mountain behind HYTA Kavala and right now I am here to look for myself. Let me see what’s going on. The rancher said my son had asked him for water and sent him to a sprinkler. Then he says he walked into some whores near a ravine and he disappeared. It’s a huge mountain. And it looks like he was actually my son because the description fits perfectly. The point is, my days pass and my son is somewhere without food, without water, with nothing. My son was on some medication that seems to have stopped her in the last few months. She’s got two 2.5-year-old girls, they’re twins, and she took them to day care on Wednesday morning. He got coffee, came home, and around 11:00 in the morning his wife called him on the phone, and he wouldn’t answer. When his wife came home at noon she couldn’t find him and informed the police. Looks like he took some money with him that was in the house and a knife. He took nothing else.”