Rhodes: Withdrawal of rape lawsuit against Steve Milatos

She was recalled or who had testified English at the expense of 30-year-old influencer Stephen (Steb) Milatos, where he accused him of Rhodes. According to dimokratiki.gr, the request to withdraw the rape lawsuit submitted itself on the grounds that the publicity of the case would cause her mental charge and irreparable harm. For this reason, at the request of the District Attorney, the trial continued behind closed doors and recommended that the prosecution be stopped against him. The Court of Justice unanimously joined the prosecution. Please note that on the basis of the relevant legislation criminal prosecution is brought on its own initiative, but if the offender declares that he does not want criminal prosecution, the prosecutor may permanently abstain from prosecution or, if so, introduce the case to the competent judicial board, which may definitively cease the criminal prosecution by assessing the victim’s statement that publicity from criminal prosecution will result in his serious mental injury. We recall that the Board of Defect Rhodes did not adopt the proposal of the Prosecutor of Defect Rhodes for his discharge and referred to trial the 30-year-old male, model, known by his participation in the Big Brother reality show, but also – in the past – on a morning show on Greek television, who was arrested after the complaint of an English woman about rape, whom he met while working in the reception of a health care store in Lindos. As defense advocates of the defendant, Mr. Stelios Alexandris and Mrs. Polyxenis Hatzigiannis were present and Mr. Ioannis Kokkinogenis and Mr. Stelios Kyourtzis as advocates for the charge. What the English woman had testified As the complainant claimed in her statement, Monday 23/05/2022 during the afternoon decided together with her friends to visit Lindos for food and entertainment. At some point, and while exploring the straits of Lindus, they passed, as he said, outside the bar, where the 30-year-old, who invited them to buy them a shot. They refused him and continued their ride however soon after they returned and the 30-year-old bought them a round shots. When the time came to leave, he urged them, as the complainant claims, to go to a well-known bar. The 30-year-old arrived about 01:20 hours. Immediately, he tracked them down and approached them. She began to annoy initially another girl from the company according to always the complaint, who was negative and then addressed the others, asking “Who will come with me for five minutes?”. The first time he accepted none, however after a while, the complainant followed him, as he said, “I assumed that we would exchange some kisses or discuss,” he said. The 30-year-old, as he said, led her to a dark alley, where he started kissing her in the mouth aggressively. Close enough there was an abandoned residence where he led her. Then, as he claims, he stuck her on the wall aggressively and kept kissing her, while at the same time he put his hands on her genitals with violence. As she said, at the time, all he was thinking about was getting out of his hands as she feared for her life. The 30-year-old reportedly forced her into oral love by force and then raped her. He asked him to leave her to return to her friends, but he wouldn’t leave her and force her into a peolijah. He, as the young lady contends, saw her aversion, let her go and she came running sobbing to her friends to whom she told what had happened. Then, as the complainant told the police, they left for their room, even saying she tried to hurt herself with a razor. Her friends after calming her down then escorted her to the police where she filed a rape complaint. What the 30-year-old said in his apology We remind him that the 30-year-old argued, among other things, that the complainant and her friends were discussing with the regulars and staff and the complainant after asking him what his Instagram called him. The complainant claims that after discussing with other men she returned and started talking to him and caressing his hair and that when she asked her if she wanted to go somewhere quieter she accepted. Continuing his apology he reported that in twenty meters from the store there was a house under construction, against other already-populated houses in the courtyard of which sexual ruffles began and that she unbuttoned his pants and made oral love to him and when she asked her to complete the love act she accepted. Furthermore, the model claimed that the love act lasted very little as it seemed to him that he heard voices claiming further that at that time he realized that his earring fell and told her to go to her friends and he would stay behind to look for it and since then never saw it again. The next day as he said, he was informed that he was being sued for rape.

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