Rhodes: He collapsed in front of his partner and died in drug control

The focus on the unexpected death of the 38-year-old who suffered a heart attack and, after a drug check at the house he lived with his partner… The unfortunate man lost consciousness and soon after died, with the news becoming a topic of discussion on the island. Rhodes monitors the evidence revealed, with the 38-year-old Greek being taken to a hospital dead. A police check had been prior to the house he lived with his partner, during which quantities of drugs were found. It all began at 18:30 on Tuesday afternoon, March 5, when men of the Narcotics DEA went to conduct a check-up, at the house of a 38-year-old Greek and his 33-year-old partner, who had employed the authorities for similar drug cases in the past. During the check they were found: 3 cocaine capsules, 3 grams of unknown origin, 2 scales of precision, 4 medicinal products used for cocaine distortion, 28 grams of acid ammonium, 39 blowjobs of plastic smoking and two cell phones. According to dimokratiki.gr, during the investigation the 38-year-old said he was ill. The EKAB was called and during its delivery he suffered a heart attack and succumbed to the General Hospital of Rhodes.

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