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Reversal data for the skeleton that was found on a beach in Heraklion

The tangle of the case began to unfold when a dog began to dig at the point you see…
The coroners complete the pieces to the puzzle of the mystery…
In woman of young age it belongs to, eventually, the human skeleton was found at noon the last Sunday of passing a few meters from the beach of Kokkini Hani to Heraklion. The conclusion that end up the coroners who are trying with modern science to illuminate the case. Thus the principle thought of skeleton man upset. The police now opens folders disappearance of women in the past twenty years in order to complete the pieces in the puzzle of the case.
Horrible buried secret
Last Sunday, a dog playing, he began to dig, revealing a human skull. Immediately the dog’s owner to inform the authorities and the police went to the spot, revealed a human skeleton. According to information, the authorities shall consider two possibilities. Whether it is the victim of a crime who was buried there, or a woman who drowned and, after it washed up on the beach, her body covered from the dirt.

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