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Return of Fidel Castro in the National Assembly of CUBA

Kansas Delegation, People’s Party National Convention Ribbon, 1892 Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title) step in the National Assembly will go up, next Saturday for the first time in four years, the historic Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.
According to Cuban media, Fidel Castro called for the convening of an extraordinary National Assembly, focusing on international developments.
Fidel Castro who seems to have recovered fully, to surprise enemies and friends, has made a series of public appearances last time time, a point that has begun to be openly talk of the possibility of returning to power.
Historian Cuban leader had resigned from the posts in 2006, stating as his successor his brother Raul.

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Cleveland-Stevenson Campaign Items, ca. 1892
Image by Cornell University Library

Old Tippecanoe has Come Out in the West
Image by Cornell University Library

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