Retail sales of clothing and textiles on the domestic market increased in 2023

The 2019 pre-demic levels were exceeded last year by the retail clothing, textiles and footwear domestically , according to ElSTAT data, which the Association of Businesses in Plexic and Ready Clothing of Greece (SEPEE). In the domestic market, clothing sales were increased by 23.5%, textiles by 6% and footwear by 14.5%. This, at a time when exports followed the same year of decline, for the first time in the last nine years, under pressure from inflationary pressures and the reduction in demand for clothing in the markets where Greek products are addressed. In value, retail clothing sales in 2023 exceeded EUR 3.5 billion for enterprises holding bibliographic books. Accordingly, retail sales of footwear and leather goods amounted to EUR 570 million and textile goods amounted to EUR 395 million. In total, retail sales of clothing – footwear and textiles on the Greek market in 2023 reached 4.5 billion euros and accounted for 6.5% of the country’s total retail sales. ‘The actual value, if undertakings which do not keep double books are taken into account, is much higher’ is indicated in a relevant communication from the EIOPA, according to which retail clothing sales are the fifth most important category, after food, fuel, cars and pharmaceuticals. The increase in clothing in 2023 against 2021 was 10.8%. Each quarter, the rise in retail clothing sales in 2023, compared to 2022, was: first quarter + 28%, second + 9.5%, third + 6.3% and fourth + 7.1%. SOURCE: RES-BE