Cleveland-Thurman Portrait Paper Balloon Lantern, ca. 1888 Politics
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(Title) The complaint report against any person responsible for EYATh, tabled yesterday, the mayor Ambelokipi Lazarus Kyrizoglou for frequent failures of water supply, delayed recovery of losses and long interruptions in water supply today? The Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Thessaloniki.

In a statement, the EYATh says: “This administration has included the design phase of replacing the first 25 km of network, it is clear that this aqueduct is old. Neglect of the previous administration, which for years did not go to any replacement system, “charged” by this, but more consumers themselves. Especially during the summer months, the age of the network added the constant fluctuations in pressure due to summer vacations. The EYATh Inc. is representative of the municipalities of the agglomeration and solve any problems in cooperation with municipal authorities and local communities, water is perceived primarily as a social good. In no case, however, can not follow the election campaigns of each elected ».

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Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia Flags, ca. 1876 Politics
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Parker-Davis Campaign Items, ca. 1904 Politics
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