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    (Title) Research – cleaner began Thessaloniki prosecutor Appeals cases “stagnant” in the prosecution and responsibilities relating to public servants as they emerged from the findings of the auditors of public administration body.

    At the request of the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court John Tents, yesterday the chief prosecutor of Appeals of Thessaloniki Panagis Giannakis asked the local District Attorney to provide information directly to developments in the criminal investigation.
    The long list of cases for Greece includes about one thousand, of which 427 related findings have been forwarded to prosecutors, but they are not yet in court rooms. For the other notified prosecutors audit reports. Of these pending in Greece are around 50 and according to the first control of a prosecutor Appeals in Veria, three in Katerini, three in Kilkis, Serres six, three and four in Edessa in Halkidiki.
    The local prosecutors undertake to inform their superiors in writing for the stage of investigation are the actual cases. Similar investigations should be made to all District Attorney in the country after the order Tents sent to the heads of prosecutors Appeals.
    The discovery of the long list of pending criminal cases initiated by monitoring the inspectors were from the very general Inspector of Public Administration Leandros Rakintzis (photo), in a letter sent in late August with the prosecutor of the Supreme Court. He had left Rakintzis suggested that cases pending in trial courts, for they are famous and civil servants, causing the side reactions of prosecutors of the Supreme Court from where he was asked to name the cases.
    In Estimates of the prosecutors, as one by one the matters raised are not addressed, the main accused in the files mayors from dozens arriving at criminal audiences across the country. But they stressed that many of these cases are still pending, as the inspectors themselves have delayed issuing its final conclusions.

    Kostas Kantouri

    pinch TV
    15 -9-2010

    pinch TV

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