Research at 3 levels for Anna Michel Asimakopoulou’ emails – “Griginia” in the NW

To ensure that the institution of the epistolic vote is not undermined – which the opposition connects with its emails to the voters of abroad – and at the same time the government attempts not to leave any shadow in the case. The Maximou Palace estimates that three levels of research will solve all aspects, while although some irregularity occurs on the part of the New Democracy MEP… it is obvious that it will be taken into account by Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his design for the Eurolist, as stated in the responsible officials. However, government officials and the competent Interior Minister state that the ministry does not give personal information of those on the electoral lists. Internal audit ordered by N. Kerameos The first move yesterday, at government level, was Interior Minister Niki Kerameos calling for internal control. “Mrs Asimakopoulou said she didn’t get the emails from the interior ministry. Nevertheless, we have decided together with the Deputy Minister, Mr Livianos, to give a directive on internal control to the Ministry of Interior with a view to verifying, confirming the adequacy of the security of procedures for the protection of personal data for the electoral lists of 2023, for which complaints are made and more widely. We have received reports from citizens and we have to give answers. There’s no shadow here. ‘All in the light’ said Interior Minister (ERT1). Prosecutor’s inquiry Later this afternoon, the Chief Prosecutor of the Athens Primary Prosecutor’s Office ordered a preliminary examination of the alleged leak of foreign residents’ emails to the N.D. MEP. It will first be investigated whether and by which public service there has been a breach of personal data legislation and a breach of service secrecy. If it is found that the emails were indeed sent, then Mrs Asimakopoulou will also be in the public eye. In the Privacy Authority, the MEP runs another investigation, that of the Privacy Authority. The New Democracy MEP will be immediately asked to explain to the Independent Authority what lists she has and where. She argues that her office, 100 days before the European elections, has sent a newsletter to Greeks abroad, with contact details gathered as a MEP for the past 5 years, “to request permission to communicate regularly with them, as I have always done by respecting personal data and GDPR since 2018”, as she says in a post. However, several of the Greek voters who received the email at issue complain that they had not given their consent to the use of their personal data. ‘Noise’ and ‘whispers’ within the ND Anna Michel Asimakopoulou’s handlings have caused many whispers within the party, with some talking about unfair competition with her colleagues, candidate MEPs of the N.D. and others not ignoring the… “noise” that will exist in Brussels, since SYRIZA and the Communist Party have already taken the matter with question from the Commission. The issue of the protection of personal data is an issue that will, as everything shows, concern public debate as the European elections. Since it is customary for candidate Members and MEPs to send a newsletter to citizens, asking for their support, it will be interesting to see how they will move this time in the wake of the Asimakopoulou case.